Whenever faced by any obstacle or a bump on the road as I like to put it, its only natural for our minds to shut down and our judgements to become clouded. That one bump effects our time, energy, sleep, mood and suddenly becomes our whole existence in extreme situations.

a 6 month old baby chewing a toy block. Bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair looking directly into the camera

When I was first given the certificate of  the “will nots’ for my 6 month old baby by his consultant I didn’t really know how to feel at the time. The doctor explained he will not stand, he will not walk, he will not have bladder control, he will not have bowel control and the list goes on. Every parent wants to celebrate their child’s achievements and to have to hear all the things he wouldn’t be able to do before he  had even had the chance to get out of nappies was quite a shake to the system.

I continued my life on auto pilot mode and took the time I needed to understand the new adjustments in my world. Apparently to the outsider throughout this time I looked like I owned my situation and all was under control. I realised that the harshest judgement comes from ourselves and the hidden expectations we have forcefully super glued in our heads. Well life doesn’t seem to always present itself as we envisioned it to be and the reality is if it did would we really be better off? How many times have you wanted something so badly that you couldn’t even sleep from the excitement of having it, but once you had it the novelty wore off and at times the repercussions that came with it left you in regret. The message to my very long explanation is that we may like a thing that is not good for us and dislike a thing which is perfect for us. Once we break the barriers in our heads and really get things into perspective then our bumps on the road become doors leading to new journeys with new opportunities. The amount of time and effort we spend on stressing about the future and our disaster situations created in our heads we could spend on embracing moments and actually living life for what it is.

My journey has taught me to accept the cards I am dealt and understand that there is nothing within my power I could have done to change things only then did I start to taste the feeling of contentment.

I believe we all have some sort of gift, skill or passion of some sort and if we pay close attention and look hard enough within ourselves we will eventually discover it. I turned to writing and art as an outlet and tool of expression. It was a skill I had abandoned for a while and never once did I think it would play such a major role in my life. All those years I had spent nurturing this skill and developing a deep love for it was for a reason I guess. My inspiration for both my writings and artwork came from wanting to uplift people who have faced many bumps along the way and secretly drowning in their fear and sorrow. It has helped me so hopefully it can help others too.


Caption for pic: ‘Doors of hope’
The old aged look of the door represents ourselves and our journeys and struggles. The flowers symbolise hope and new beginnings which bring the door to life.


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