Throughout my life my beauty regime has been little more than swiping off my make-up with a face wipe and sloshing some water over my face. It’s worked for me so far: I have very clear skin, rarely get spots and when I do it’s only two at my most hormonal time. BUT this year I turn 29 and it’s really time I got my act together.

Having well cared for skin isn’t just about looking good: your skin is your largest organ, it’s a protective barrier, helps to regulate body temperature and acts as a filter. Healthy skin not only looks better and ages slower, it also heals faster and staves off potential disease better than unhealthy skin.

But… if Beauty Gurus on YouTube have taught me anything it’s that I need at least 10 steps to my skin care routine or else I’ll hit 30 and my face will fall off.

As someone with a chronic illness and associated energy issues (read: being able to hold my own toothbrush past 9pm is a victory, what more do you want from me?!) I’m not exactly excited by that prospect. I have a life to lead and surely an hour a day dedicated to massaging tiny circles over my face is a bit much?

So I’m starting this series to look at which beauty products we REALLY need.

My mother taught me that ‘beauty comes from within’- literally: drink lots of water, don’t eat too much sugar, wash your face. To be honest, this is most likely because she is a no nonsense woman who cannot be bothered with putting anything on her face other than a bit of red lipstick for special occasions. I would add ‘avoid too much alcohol’ but my mother pours herself a glass at 6pm on the dot daily and her skin glows with radiance from the fountain of youth.

Other top tips from my mother: no one else cares about your wrinkles or your spots. All creams are the same it’s just the jars that are different. Don’t put weird things on your face. Trust only two brands. Take your make up off every night or you’ll shrivel up and die…

The last one is just because if you leave make up marks on her pillows she will HUNT YOU DOWN.

That’s not a joke. Don’t do it.

Personally I credit my smooth skin to a childhood of extreme eczema. I was born with my entire face covered in cracked, red sores and my christening pictures are not for the faint-hearted. I was allergic to the world: artificial perfumes, natural perfumes, dogs, cats, small fluffy things, animals in general, trees, flowers, grass, the great outdoors… hairy caterpillars.

After the trauma of spending my formative years avoiding lace, perfume, ribbons, wool, artificial fibers, small fluffy things, shampoo, bubble bath, face paint, hair spray and mud (although that’s not an allergy, I just hated baths and the easiest way to avoid them was not get dirty), I’m very conscious about what I put on my face.

Which is funny because I use the one thing every make-up artist has told me to avoid: make-up wipes! Dun, dun, dun. On the days that I wear make-up, generally 4 days a week, I get into bed in the evenings use a wipe to remove my make-up and then I just… go to sleep.

But it’s time to challenge myself, say hello to 2018 and finally getting a skin care routine!


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